Miyabi 2 stage Diamond & Ceramic Handheld Knife Sharpener - Black

Miyabi SKU: 4009839303098 MPN: 1002088

Miyabi 2 stage Diamond & Ceramic Handheld Knife Sharpener - Black

Miyabi SKU: 4009839303098 MPN: 1002088
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MIYABI Knife Sharpener: The Beauty of Sharpness

Elevate Your Knife's Performance with MIYABI Knife Sharpener

In the world of Japanese culture, purity, grace, and elegance are revered virtues, and this reverence extends to their culinary artistry. MIYABI, a brand under ZWILLING, embodies these values by delivering exceptional kitchen tools that exhibit the highest degree of craftsmanship. The MIYABI Knife Sharpener is a testament to this commitment to excellence, offering you a convenient way to maintain the sharpness of your knives.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Resharpening: The MIYABI Knife Sharpener makes the resharpening process a breeze. It's designed to ensure that your knives remain consistently sharp, enabling you to prepare meals with precision and ease.
  • MIYABI Design: Crafted with the same precision and care as MIYABI knives, this sharpener carries the hallmark of exceptional design and quality that MIYABI is renowned for.
  • Applicable to High-Hardness Blades: It's not limited to just any blade; the MIYABI Knife Sharpener is also suitable for blades with a hardness rating of more than HRC 60. It's your tool for keeping all your premium knives in prime condition.
  • Two-Stage Sharpening: This sharpener offers a two-stage sharpening process, with both coarse and fine sharpening options. It ensures that your knives receive comprehensive sharpening, restoring their edge to perfection.

The Essence of MIYABI

MIYABI represents the epitome of craftsmanship and sharpness in Japanese culture. Its knives are revered for their precision and uncompromising quality. While MIYABI knives should ideally be sharpened using professional tools due to their material hardness and fine Honbazuke honing, the MIYABI Knife Sharpener offers a practical and convenient alternative.

Designed with a fixed sharpening angle, it's user-friendly, ensuring that you can maintain your knife's edge without hassle. Safety is paramount, and the six silicone nubs keep the sharpener securely in place while the ergonomic, easy-to-clean plastic handle guarantees comfort for both right- and left-handed users. Hand protection ensures your safety during operation.

Wide Compatibility

The MIYABI Knife Sharpener isn't just exclusive to MIYABI knives; it's suitable for all MIYABI knives and other high-quality knives (excluding serrated ones). This versatility makes it an indispensable tool for any kitchen where precision cutting matters.

Usage Instructions

Using the MIYABI Knife Sharpener is a straightforward process. Start by drawing your blade through the diamond-coated roller, which provides a basic grinding. Then, for the finishing touch and a polished edge, draw the blade through the ceramic roller multiple times. It's your go-to solution whenever your knife begins to lose its sharpness.

Experience the Beauty of Sharpness

MIYABI believes in the beauty of sharpness, and the MIYABI Knife Sharpener embodies this belief. With this exceptional tool, you can keep your knives as sharp as the day you first used them, ensuring that your culinary creations are marked by precision and perfection.

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