Shark Matrix Self-Empty Robot Vacuum - Canadian Edition

Shark SKU: 622356607810 MPN: RV2300SCA

Shark Matrix Self-Empty Robot Vacuum - Canadian Edition

Shark SKU: 622356607810 MPN: RV2300SCA
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Shark RV2300SCA Matrix Self-Empty Robot Vacuum: Your Ultimate Cleaning Companion!

Introducing the Shark RV2300SCA Matrix Self-Empty Robot Vacuum—a cutting-edge cleaning solution designed to leave no spots missed in your home. Powered by innovative features such as Matrix Clean and Precision Home Mapping, this robot vacuum delivers superior cleaning performance on both carpets and hard floors, making it perfect for homes with pets.

Equipped with Matrix Clean technology, the Shark RV2300SCA utilizes a precision grid to take multiple passes over dirt and debris, ensuring deep cleaning coverage in every corner of your home. Its powerful suction captures even the toughest messes, while the multi-surface brushroll combs and pulls debris, hair, and dirt from all surfaces.

Specifications Details
Capacity Bagless base holds up to 30 days of dirt and debris
Mapping Technology 360° LiDAR vision for precision home mapping
Self-Emptying Empties itself into a bagless base after each clean
Connectivity Wi-Fi enabled for remote control via SharkClean app

With Precision Home Mapping, the Shark RV2300SCA uses its advanced LiDAR vision to quickly and accurately map your home, enabling methodical cleaning and navigation. It adapts to everyday changes in your home environment, detecting and avoiding obstacles in its path with ease.

Effortlessly manage your cleaning tasks with the SharkClean app, where you can view the precise home map created by your robot vacuum, select specific areas for on-demand cleaning, initiate Matrix Clean for deep cleaning coverage, and schedule cleaning sessions from anywhere, anytime.

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