Dewalt 20V Max 2 Battery Pack - 3.0 Ah

Dewalt SKU: 885911482356 MPN: DCB230-2

Dewalt 20V Max 2 Battery Pack - 3.0 Ah

Dewalt SKU: 885911482356 MPN: DCB230-2
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Experience Long-Lasting Power with the DEWALT DCB230-2 20V MAX Battery Pack!

The DEWALT DCB230-2 20V MAX Battery Pack is designed to keep your tools running at their peak performance. This 2-pack of 3.0-Ah batteries ensures you have the power you need for extended periods, making it ideal for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Key Features:

  • High Capacity: Each battery boasts a 3.0Ah capacity, providing long runtime for your DEWALT 20V tools. Say goodbye to frequent recharges and hello to uninterrupted work.
  • 3-LED Fuel Gauge: Stay informed about the state of charge with the built-in 3-LED fuel gauge system. This feature allows you to check the battery's status at a glance, ensuring you're always ready for your next task.
  • No Memory, Virtually No Self-Discharge: These lithium-ion batteries are engineered with no memory and virtually no self-discharge. Enjoy maximum productivity and less downtime as your batteries hold their charge over extended periods.
  • Lightweight Design: The DCB230-2 is 18% lighter than the DCB200 3.0 Ah battery, reducing fatigue during prolonged tool use. You'll appreciate the comfort and convenience of these lightweight batteries.
Specifications Details
Battery Type Lithium Ion
Capacity 3.0Ah
Number of Batteries 2 Lithium Ion batteries (included)
Recommended Uses Power Tool

Upgrade your tool arsenal with the DEWALT DCB230-2 20V MAX Battery Pack. With its high capacity, lightweight design, and advanced features like the 3-LED fuel gauge system, it's the perfect companion for demanding projects. Whether you're on the job site or tackling home improvement tasks, these batteries deliver the power and reliability you expect from DEWALT.

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